From its origins, in 1950, as a small family-run tanning business, Dani is now a multinational company with global positioning. We can rely on 1,200 employees, of which over 650 in the Italian plants, 3 full cycle tanneries in Italy 2, facilities abroad for cutting and sewing operations of finished leather, 2 sales offices in the USA and China and 2 Instant Service warehouses in Italy and the USA.
Our leather helps the bold ideas of stylists and designers take shape, enhancing the interiors of high class cars, adding comfort and visual appeal to the most exclusive interiors. The leather is the result of industrial organisation, artisan skill, passion and creativity.
We see ourselves as a business model in which social and territorial inclusion, preservation of natural resources and profitability of investments coexist and sustain one another. A commitment that is clearly stated in our logo: “Sustainable leather”. Daily actions and customer proposals guide our strategic choices. “